Company Culture

Leybold's five values play an important role in how to run a business, recruit talents, and cultivate a team. The five values are:


We come up with our vision, mission statement, goals, and challenges. Based on diversity and equality, we devote to forming  a core group of individuals with consistency and close collaboration.


Environmentally sustainable

As authorized commercial partner (trading platform) of Dow, we have been devoting to carbon neutral issue for years starting from every detail, every single day, to minimize expense, save energy.We are trying to optimize our organization towards environmentally friendly.



We will take advantage of the influential power in the sector to assist business partners to deliver breakthrough of sustainable chemistry innovations that enhance the well-being of humanity.



We establish an unique environment and provide a training platform where every employee could be overwhelmed with knowledge.We believe knowledge could generate high performance, and finally provide professional services for clients.



Credit begins even in prekindergarten,and we have to guide our employee’s whole thinking toward being successful with precondition of full credit.

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