More than 20 years of deep cultivation in China's silicone material industry

Guangzhou Laibao was established in 2003 (formerly "Guangzhou Jinhu Chemical Co., Ltd."), and then cooperated with world-renowned giants such as KCC in South Korea, Dow in the United States, Rhenium Group in Taiwan, and GE Momentive in the United States, and gradually expanded its business. Department to many silicone high-tech material fields, and covering the Greater China market, connecting with more than thousands of enterprise-level customers.

Leybold Development History

  • Year 2003

    Established Guangzhou Jinhu Chemical Co., Ltd.;

    In the same year, a silane crosslinking agent production base was established in Xintang, Guangzhou

  • June 2004

    Obtained the agency right of Korea KCC silicon product series

  • September 2009

    Become the authorized general distributor of Dow Chemical DOW in Guangdong

  • Year 2009

    Relocated the production plant to Xiantao, Hubei, and cooperated with Liding Chemical to operate and sell silane crosslinking agents.

  • Year 2010

    The company changed its name to [Guangzhou Laibao Silicon Material Co., Ltd.] and obtained the sales rights of Dow in Greater China

  • Year 2013

    Wholly-owned establishment of [Foshan Tianxian Silicon Material Co., Ltd.] sales subsidiary

  • Year 2016

    The company established a silane crosslinking agent production base in Huaian, Jiangsu;

    In the same year, Shandong Marketing Center was established to be responsible for sales in North China

  • End of 2019

    Started to sort out the data of the textile industry and set up a specialized sales team for the textile industry

  • End of 2020

    Set up East China Marketing Center in Suzhou, responsible for sales in East China

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